Revival CD


2017 release. Inspired by the legacy of FAME Studios in the historic Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Third Day draws upon their southern musical roots on Revival. Produced by Monroe Jones, whom Third Day worked with on their Grammy-winning album, Come Together, and others, Third Day delivers energetic calls for Revival, up-beat, foot stomping songs testifying that with faith "Anything Is Possible" and soulful songs proclaiming that God is "Faithful and True." Third Day, whose career spans 8.6 million albums sold, 31 #1 radio singles, 24 GMA Dove Awards, four Grammy Awards, and what Billboard Magazine calls "one of the best rock bands, period," have made an album that is truly a look into their souls - it's music that you can't help feeling both nostalgic and refreshed when listening, and it will easily appeal to both career - longtime and brand new fans of the band.

Revival (Deluxe) Track List: 

  1. Revival
  2. Gonna Be There with Me
  3. Leave This World Behind
  4. Let There Be Light
  5. Faithful and True
  6. Gather Round Now
  7. In Your Hands
  8. Loves Me Like a Rock
  9. New Creation
  10. Nobody Loves Me Like Jesus
  11. Anything Is Possible
  12. Great God Almighty
  13. Devotion